How does your financial advisor measure up?


Evaluating your most important financial asset

The most important asset in your financial portfolio is your advisor. You trust them to help you plan for your future and reach long-term goals. But, how do you know whether your advisor is a good investment?

GradeMyAdvisor provides clear, unbiased insight into your portfolio’s performance. Using the same analytical tools major investment houses rely on to judge their investment managers, GMA delivers a comprehensive, easy-to-read report that grades your advisor’s investment skill. Our analysis will help you determine whether your advisor is worth their fees.


Evaluate your advisor in three minutes or less.


Getting your customized portfolio

Your custom report like a diagnostic check-up for your portfolio. If everything looks good, you'll have peace of mind that your portfolio is well-maintained. If there are red flags, you'll know that you and your advisor need to make some changes.

Results are adjusted for risk so your grade is not affected by the level of risk you've set in your portfolio. It's also completely private; your advisor will never be notified and your results are accessible only by you.

How it works Create your profile

Your portfolio information is securely connected to our proprietary database

How it works Get your grade

Receive a grade (A through D) and details about your advisor's performance

How it works Review your results

See if your portfolio is optimized to the risk-level you agreed to with your advisor

Ready to learn if your advisor is worth the fees?

Keeping your data secure and private

Security is a top priority. At GMA, we use the same security protocols as the major banks. Your information is always secure and private.

Bank-level security

Data is protected by DigiCert, using 256-bit data encryption along with 2048-bit root certificates.

Restricted access

We require read-only access to your portfolio data for the exclusive purpose of analysis. Your data, funds, and subsequent report are private and viewable only by you.

Continuous protection

Data is protected 24/7/365 and safeguarded by ongoing cyber and video monitoring, augmented by physical inspection with alerts to any attempts to access it.

Ready to learn if your advisor is worth the fees?

Control your financial destiny

You’ve worked hard for what you have. As portfolio analysts, our goal is to empower you to make smarter, safer, and more successful investments. In an industry cloaked in smoke and mirrors, we aim to increase investor transparency as never before and help you and your advisor secure your financial future.

We don’t have friends on Wall Street, nor do we want any. We provide impartial evaluations of advisor performance in order to give investors like you the data you need to control your financial destiny.

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The most important asset in your portfolio is your financial advisor.

…you should not view an advisor’s fees in a vacuum. There can be a significant difference in both the quality of advice and the breadth of services offered by different advisors.

— Dan Solin, US News