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We don’t manage money; we’re analysts with one goal: For you to retire richer and sooner,
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Why is GMA such a game changer?

We analyze your portfolio in ways your advisor can't or won't. Typical advisory reports are more about show and can mask the advisory value actually delivered. Our analysis approaches your portfolio like your personal mutual fund. The purpose is to determine if your investment advice is worth the fees.

GradeMyAdvisor changes everything, giving investors the information they need most, and Warren Buffett seems to agree when he said:

"The average investment advisor adds nothing. He subtracts something from your investment performance."

- Warren Buffett

What exactly will I find out?

Using the same analytical tools major investment houses rely on to judge their investment managers, GMA delivers a comprehensive, easy-to-read report that grades your advisor’s investment skill. Results are risk-adjusted and appropriately benchmarked to your profile. Remember – investing is not only about returns. Most important is the risk you took to get those returns.

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Why choose GMA?

Objective portfolio performance monitoring is common sense.

Easy to Understand.

Comprehensive and revealing in easy to read plain English.

Safe and Secure.

Your information is safe, secure, and read-only. Monitored 24/7.
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